Triple GlazingAchieve optimum heat retention

Thanks to our triple glazing, here at No 1 Home Improvements you can now really maximise on the sun’s rays, which means extra heat retention for your home, keeping you lovely and warm, while reducing your heating bills.  Our triple glazed windows are A+++ rated.

Enjoy warmth and energy efficiency

Our triple glazed windows are highly energy efficient, which means they’ll keep the warmth of the sun’s rays in your home and they also have the best acoustic performance and also sound insulation properties.

This means your home will be warm, you can keep any outside noises away and you’ll have peace of mind, thanks to our modern security features.

Our triple glazing can save you money

Our triple glazing allows you to really maximise on the sun’s rays thanks to the way they are made. Our triple glazing boasts two panes of low E glass and also one pane of low Iron glass. What happens is the invisible metal coating on the low E glass reflects the heat right back into the room your windows are in, warming the room up beautifully and this will enable you to control your heating bills. You can therefore increase your energy efficiency by 1/3 when compared with our double glazing options.

Perfect for north facing windows

Our triple glazing is the perfect choice if your windows are north facing or if your home is elevated and getting light into your room is difficult. Triple glazing will provide your home with greater insulation than any of our other window options. You can also mix and match your windows, as you may not require triple glazing in every room in your home. This enables you to have the triple glazed windows in whatever room requires it the most, to really maximise on the sun’s rays.

Triple glazing is the perfect option to go for if you want to add extra warmth to your home, while reducing your energy bills. They have an extra glass panel which will provide you with amazing sound insulation, making it the best choice if you live in a noisy area for instance, on a main road.

For more information about our triple glazing, here at No 1 Home Improvements, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be delighted to offer you our assistance.

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