Conservatories: Are They Worth It?

The conservatory has been a staple of the British home for centuries, and is not just a place to enjoy plants or have dinner parties. Conservatories can serve many purposes depending on what type you get! Conservatories are typically used as an extension of one’s living space by adding extra rooms onto it. They also add value to your property because they increase the square footage without taking up any valuable land area in your garden.

Top 5 Benefits of Conservatories

  1. Conservatories give you more living space
  2. Conservatories can be used as an extra room or even a home office
  3. Conservatories are the perfect place to relax and unwind in your own soothing sanctuary.
  4. Conservatories provide many benefits, including increasing one’s property value!
  5. It is also great for those who love spending time close to the garden.

How much do conservatories cost in the UK?

Typically, a conservatory can be built for anywhere between £15,000 and £50,000. Conservatories have been known to increase the value of your home by as much as 20%.

Conservatories can be built in many different styles to suit your taste and the style of your home.

Conservatory Styles include, but are not limited to:

Victorian conservatories – a classic look that is popular for those who love their period homes

– Edwardian Conservatories – same as Victorian with some added lead light panelling

– Modern Conservatories – sleek lines with large glass panels

– Period Conservatories – perfect for those who love period homes but want the benefits of a conservatory too!

There are many different types, styles and shapes available to suit your taste and home. There is also no shortage of Conservatories to choose from in the UK. It is important that you get a Conservatory built by professionals who have been around for many years and know how best to build your conservatory so it lasts!

Conservatories are well worth the investment, even if building one seems expensive at first glance. They add value to your home while giving you extra living space! Conservatories are the perfect place to unwind with a book or spend time outside in your garden. No1 Home Improvements are dedicated to helping you find Conservatories that suit your taste and budget, ensuring it will be something you love for many years to come!

Conservatory Roof Types: Tiled, Polycarbonate or Pitched?

A tiled roof conservatory is the most popular choice. It provides more natural light and also looks better aesthetically, and the style goes well with pine-oak furniture. Conservatories with a pitched roof can be more difficult to heat and cool, but cost less than the tiled variety. A polycarbonate conservatory is great for those who want better insulation and energy efficiency as well as affordability!

Why No.1 Home improvements is the right choice for building your conservatory?

No.1 Home Improvements are a Conservatory specialist who has been building Conservatories since 2010 and is dedicated to quality customer service and satisfaction. They offer Conservatories in any style or colour you want, including solid roof conservatories!

Conservatories are the perfect addition to any home, giving you extra living space without taking up valuable land. Conservatories also increase the value of your home and can be used as an extra room or even a home office! Conservatories are well worth the investment, especially when you choose to build one with No.1 Home Improvements.

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